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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey ya'll...heyyyy! Welcome to my blog!

I first want to thank you for taking the time to explore my website. I don't take your time for granted and appreciate you showing little ole me some love, so we're going to hop right into the good stuff! :)

A little bit about me:

1. I impact women's lives positively through health and wellness by helping them shift their mindset about themselves, nutrition and their overall health. I firmly believe that if we shift our thinking and perspective, it will empower us to make healthier choices long term.

2. I am a health and wellness professional, but I'm also human so my approach is all about making educated choices while practicing moderation and balance. (And your girl loves an occasional sweet treat too much to be playing those intense restriction games! lol)

3. I believe the best version of ourselves lives outside of our comfort zones and all my clients will tell you, I love to push them outside their comfy boxes. (*insert creepy smile*)

4. I was born in New York, raised in Charleston, SC. So, I'm fluent in Geechie.

5. I love Jesus. He's the big homie!

6. I never could've imagined the detours my life and career have taken, but it has all lead me to walking in my purpose and experiencing amazing opportunities. I still utilize my communications and marketing's just used to help build my business now. ;)

7. I love to dance and I serve as my friends' official hype wo-man!

8. I hate folding clothes. Whenever I get married, that'll be husbae's duty.

9. I enjoy expressing myself through fashion and style. That includes athleisure wear that I live in 85% of the time. A cute fit just puts an extra pep in your step. ...More to come on that. (cc: Fit Style)

10. My daily quiet time and positive affirmations keep me grounded and ready to slay whatever comes my way!

Hopefully, that gave you some insight into who I am. But trust, there's more random facts to be discussed! I hope we can connect by you subscribing to my email list and following me on instagram at @shayla_nyree. Plus, I can't wait to share some health tips, life hacks, workouts and style finds with you all!

Stay tuned!!!

- Shayla Nyree

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